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Kumbia Boruka (Live) + Alex Figueira

September 9, 2017 @ 9:00 pm - 3:00 am


Mexican Cumbia style


After some world tours on the percussion with some giants of the
Cumbia as the Mexican star Celso Piña, Hernan Cortes creates Kumbia
Boruka. He and Celso Piña are both from Monterrey, the cradle of
Mexican Cumbia style. Hernan is now the leader of his own band,
singing and playing the accordion, accompanied by the singer Bob

The songs of Kumbia Boruka reflect a great mixture of compositions
and old time classics of the Colombian cumbia. The one which was
playing in the popular neighbourhoods of Monterrey, the Mexican
megalopolis where Hernan grew up. Put a little touch of reggae music
and rock and you will have an idea of the sound of Boruka. Their
meeting with the producer Bruno « Patchworks » Hovart gave them
the frame of their hybrid and modern Cumbia.

All the musicians of Kumbia Boruka come from the musical area of
Cumbia : the modern and singular sound of the Colombian guitarist
Andres Segura, the groovy bass of the Chilean Rodriguo Bastidas
Nunez, the crazy drum of Hadrien Santos Da Silva whom grew up with
this music in South-America mixed with the congas of James Stewart,
the guïro of Tadeo Cortes and a great horn section provide a solid
backing band for Hernan Cortes and Bob Sikou. Their first album is
now ready and will give a big new breath to the Mexican Cumbia!