We are looking for new volunteers

De Peper is in the process of setting up a new crew and new program for the Sundays.

We will offer our space, our facilities, and the trusted practices and working routines that De Peper has developed, to a group of new recruits that are eager to develop themselves and their aspirations here.

De Peper Sundays will continue to have vegan organic dinners as usual, accompanied by a cultural program before, during, and/or after dinner.

If you are interested in joining De Peper as part of the Sundays group, send an email to [email protected] to introduce yourself and get more info.

Summer Break!

Thanks to all our customers! We will be close until Friday 2nd September. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned on the agenda for more concerts and art exhibitions.

Call for Artists!

De Peper is a non-commercial, not for profit bio-organic vegan cultural kitchen run by volunteers collective which experiments, develops and provides a subcultural platform for food, art and music.

***We are currently seeking for artists’ proposals to fill our 2019 solo/group exhibitions and performances schedule.***

We invite musicians, puppet theater, shadow dancers, magicians, clowns, mimes, cabaret, poets to come and perform on our stage.

Submit your proposal to [email protected] that includes:

  • Artist’s statement/resume
  • Brief description of proposed exhibition/performance outline, including the concept, materials
  • Images of the work including title, media and dimensions
  • Preferred exhibition/performance month.

For music/band performances please write to this email address: [email protected]

De Peper ‘Curated’

De Peper receives quite often a review. This one is from a blogger in Amsterdam. She writes in Dutch how much she loves De Peper and tells her audience to visit us. The photo however is an oldie, from the way De Peper used to look before the big renovations last Summer. It’s a very nice shot nevertheless.


Sound of Southern Italian landscapes

The pure sound of Southern Italian landscapes or in other words: authentic roots and folk music. At the Peper we host many events. Recently we had the pleasure to host Musica ViNicola who came all the way from Sicily. It was an event we won’t forget easily. Photo’s are courtesy of Unmask.




We’re open again!


Summer break is over, our BIG renovations are done (come and see!) and we have already served our first meals. Be welcome to come over. We’re open four times a week and are happy to have you eat with us!


peper-renovationsThe summer break is here. Time for renovations! The whole place is being put upside down and inside out. A new bar and more space for dancing. Come and check it out in September!