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Peper_foodWe are open for food on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 7pm-8.30pm.

We have a set menu that changes daily. All of our food is fresh made and 100% vegan and organic.

No meat or fish product are ever served, prepared or stored in our kitchen, making it possible for us to invite guests with a kosher or halal diet. If you have additional dietary needs (glutenfree, sugarfree, nutfree…), call early and ask the cook about possibilities.

You can reserve a meal by calling 020-4122954 between 3pm and 6.30pm on the day you want to join. (We don’t take reservations via email.)

For group reservations (6+ meals) we ask you to come early (7pm sharp), so if less than planned group members show up, we can still give their meals to other people. If (some of) you can’t make it after all, please let us know as soon as possible, so you do not block others from getting a reservation.

Pro-active guests

Whenever you are ready to eat dinner, please introduce yourself to the ‘the server’ (the person coordinating between the people who reserved and the cook in the kitchen) and pay for your meal with them.

You will receive the starter right away. When your main course is ready, the server will call out your name (or the name you put on the reservation list) and we kindly ask you to come and pick up your plate.

We have no table service. We invite you to pick up your food at the kitchen counter and return the empty dishes to the sink.

Price of a meal

  • The price for one meal (soup + main course) is a sliding scale (pay as you wish) between €7-10 per meal. This sliding scale is a solidarity concept that allows those with a lower budget to be able to eat fresh, yummy, organic, vegan food for a low price at De Peper.
  • All donations go to upkeep and help us keep our prices generally as low as possible.
  • Dessert is an extra €1.50 and can be ordered individually (no reservation required).