We host many events. Each night after dinner, there is something happening. For an overview of our events, check our Facebook Event Page.


Events and Parties

At De Peper, we organise many types of events.

  • Art Expositions
  • Music Performances
  • Theater
  • Open Stage/ Mic

Call for Artists!

If you are an artist who would like to perform on our stage, send us a proposal.

Party with De Peper
We invite you to come to our events. With you, our parties will be even better! For an overview of our events, check our event page or Facebook Page. Or simply come to the bar and ask for upcoming events.

Create with us
We invite you to participate in creating our events. Would you like to hold an exhibition, come and talk to us. Are you in town and are you looking for a stage to perform? We might be your spot. Get in touch with us for more information.

Art Expositions
We (almost) always have an art exposition going on.

Music Performances
We hold live music events regularly. Especially on Friday’s there is a good chance you’ll walk into a live performance on our stage.